Success Stories

"I wasn't too happy with my weight or how my body was looking. I knew my problem was my diet and I had to make some changes. Sandy’s experience as a physique competitor and personal trainer made me confident in her abilities to give great advice. She provided everything I needed to follow her diet plan step by step along with consistent motivating emails. She was very easy to confide in and the diet plans were very detailed and concise. She kept in touch via email every week and replied to all my questions within 24 hrs. She was there every step of the way. I lost 10 lbs within 3 months! I feel healthier, my body is looking better and I have more energy than ever. If you are on the fence about whether to work with Sandy or not, don't even think about putting it off another second!"

- Patricia. Grade School Teacher. Miami, FL.

"I learned that food does not have to be the enemy. I had begun to hate food because if you follow all of the “research,” and what people say, the only thing I would be able to eat is vegetables and fruits. However, with Sandy's help I’ve achieved more knowledge about food and it’s nutritional value. I’ve also become more mindful that just because I want something, that does not mean I NEED it. This has helped me curb cravings so much more. I’ve gone from yo-yoing between extreme deprivation to eating real food without the guilt. So far (in 2 months) I’ve lost a total of 17 lbs and I intend to keep going."

- Michelle. Family & Community Engagement Supervisor. Boston, MA.

"I spent 9 months at the gym in 2013 when I took vacation leave and in that time I did not do anything near to what your programme did in 28 days. I took so many pictures to convince myself that I did this and that it can be done and that I do still have willpower and determination to go and do anything that I set my mind to do. The transformation has been noticed by many others also and now begins the task of maintenance. These are my favorite work pants. I lost 15 lbs in 28 days. I have 9 pairs of New York and Co pants 4 size 12 and 4 size 10 and 1 size 8 (I liked the color and decided to squeeze into it!) Currently, all of the pants do not fit at all not even the size 8. I may be able to purchase a belt to wear with the size 10 and 8 but the size 12 literally slip off. I clearly remember them being very close when I bought them last summer! My face is so much slimmer and my skin has improved tremendously. I don't know if a monkey was strapped to my back or what. But I can see a major weight loss in the small of my back creating a very sexy curve. Never had that before!! And of course tons of energy and positive vibes. Nothing happens before its time, and I am so grateful to have participated in this challenge ... I did not think that I could actually do it! I'm laughing now at how I purposely blocked out my face in the before pics but sure as heck not in the after pics! This process has fixed my "can do it" button!!! This is not just a physical process it draws out all your S.P.I.C.E.S. i.e. The social, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional and spiritual domains. "

- Susan. Teacher. Kingston, Jamaica.

"I increased strength, toned up and learned good portion control practices. I would 100% recommend Sandy's services to anyone who is interested in improving their diet, fitness level and increasing their knowledge base in general wellness. Sandy has helped me with achieving my goal for a healthy balanced diet. Sandy helped me to understand the facts and core principles along with a diet plan that's long term and fad-proof. Now my weight is steady instead of wobbling up and down the scale. One of the best things about Sandy is her genuine desire to help people realize their goals. No matter how many times I revert to my old hodge podge way of eating she never gets mad or frustrated for having to explain the same thing to me over again.”

- Iliya, Veterinarian. Vancouver, CA.

"Gosh, i'm a picky person. And i've tried all sorts of things. I eventually asked for San's help when I got to a point of feeling really overwhelmed - like I just couldn't figure out what was right from what was wrong anymore (re: diet and fitness) and didn't want to waste any more of my energy and efforts into doing the wrong thing and having the wrong results. I love that she focuses on long term lifestyle and not quick short cuts. She focuses on health and happiness, versus numbers on a scale. She focuses on realistic achievements versus big promises. She pairs the 'knowledge' or nutrition and fitness with personal satisfaction in yourself, in your diet, in your routine. It's comprehensive, so it becomes something you do and enjoy, and not something you force yourself to do.”

- Krystal. Marketing and Business Strategy Consultant. NY, NY.

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